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FxNA winter cleanse: truly food ways to nurture your adrenal health FAQ

How is a winter cleanse different from cleanses during other seasons?

Your body is governed by nature. Spring is the time of releasing. Summer is the time to purify and build. Autumn is a time of gathering. And winter is a time of storing. During a winter cleanse we promote the body's abilities to revitalize your taxed adrenal glands and strengthen one of your major detox organs ~ the kidneys. This helps you to prepare for the birth of creativity, ideas and growth that will come in the spring. To embrace the natural rhythms of winter, you can engage in a seasonal cleanse to quiet your dietary input, lighten the load on your internal organs and release built up accumulation, all while welcoming the internal warmth and stillness of the season.

Will I be eating, or only drinking?

This is a week-long cleanse for a colder season.

There will be plenty of eating AND drinking ~ soups, stews, steamed veggies, winter salads, cereals, smoothies, and tea elixirs. Common allergens and inflammatory foods, such as gluten, dairy, and sugars, will be removed to jump-start your body's healing powers. You need to warm, nourish & comfort your body for the season.

We'll show you how you can cleanse, have delicious food, and cradle your body toward a gentle detoxification at the same time.

Will there be special ingredients required for the cleanse?

As is always the case with FxNA cleanses, this is a whole-foods, plant-based cleanse. You'll have specific guidelines on how and what to eat and drink. And you'll eliminate animal protein for the week (bone broths are included for building support if this suits your dietary needs). Don't worry! You can do this. We'll support you every step of the way and it's just one week. It's the best way to promote the elimination of built-up waste, regenerate your adrenals and build-up your immune system for the season and year ahead.

You can buy everything you need at the farmer's market and your health food store of choice.

That said, there will be some superfoods and herbs that are recommended but not required. These are included in the cleanse protocol to support your energy level throughout the cleanse while maximizing its benefits of support, purification and elimination. We've established a FxNA Winter Cleanse store so that you can purchase these ingredients easily on-line or see what they are so that you can find them at a store that is local to you, if you choose to include them in your cleanse experience.

What's the final cost of the cleanse?

The final cost of the cleanse, besides the price of $97 for the program, are the expenses of your groceries as well as any additional detoxification tools that we recommend and you choose to purchase. Cost depends on your budgetary considerations and your cleansing goals. All options provide a complete and efficient cleansing experience.

Will the cleanse require extra prep time?

This all depends on how accustomed you are to preparing all your meals at home. If this is already part of your practice, then no. If you tend to eat out a lot, there may be a bit more work that you put into food prep this week. That said, you can do a lot of prep over the weekend to ease the load of the week. And leftovers are always a blessing!

One of the beauties about the cleanses in these colder months is that many of the recipes are family friendly. There might be more chopping of vegetables than you are accustomed to, so clear the counter for your biggest cutting board and sharpen your knives!

One way to make the cleanse easier is to get a friend or neighbor to sign-up with you. This way you can trade off food preparation each day. Every other day one of you can prepare dinner for your two families. On that same night, the other prepares the cleanse meal. Enlisting your friends and neighbors is a great way to receive additional support during your cleanse!

Can I cleanse while working?


Of course, if it's possible to slow life down a bit that week, that would be ideal (but not necessary). Make less commitments, try to get more quiet time, get to bed early, take your workout routine down a notch or two, and get outside. Most importantly, engage the help of partners, friends, neighbors, and children to help you through the week.

Both of us are busy working moms. We've cleansed through all sorts of hectic weeks. We're hopeful that our preparation techniques help to get you through your schedule challenges.

Can I cleanse while training for a marathon, half-marathon, or triathlon?

Depending on your training schedule and the date of your event. . . Yes. One of us is an endurance athlete and the other works with many. We can help you navigate the particulars of your training schedule to accommodate the cleanse. Ultimately you'll be in better shape to perform!

Can I cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We have many nursing moms join us for our cleanses and this is a perfect one for you to do. We'll address your needs during the class and on the message board throughout the week. Be sure to let us know of your situation.

Will I take my usual herbs, vitamins, and supplements during the cleanse?

This really depends on what you're taking and why. We'll address this in more detail during the class.

Pharmaceuticals prescribed by your doctor remain a constant while cleansing.

What kind of equipment will I need?

~ blender
~ nut mylk bag
~ your usual kitchen tools

How will I know what to do?

We'll give you the step-by-step, day-by-day game plan for the entire protocol. You'll leave the teleclass with a comprehensive packet that specifies exactly what to do.

How will I get your support through the process?

By signing up for the cleanse you'll have immediate access to our message board. We check the message board daily and we're there to answer your questions and help you navigate the protocol and any experiences you're having. The rest of the cleansing community is also there. The very best thing is that while revitalizing, you're never alone unless you want to be.

OK. I'm in! Sign me up.

Can I do this cleanse? I've never cleansed before!

Yes, you can! Almost everyone can. This cleanse is not designed to be hard on your body, in fact it's meant to ease the burdens we put on our bodies daily and over time. It's designed to:

  • provide the digestive system with a rest from hard to digest foods
  • use fiber-rich foods, herbs and nourishing liquids to help remove toxins from the body
  • afford your entire system a necessary break from dealing with the difficult to digest fats
  • reduce the toxic load
  • abate cravings
  • increase nutrients through beneficial and nutritious food intake
  • set the reset button for your body to do its job faster and better
  • teach you how to support your body and your adrenals in everyday practical ways through the cleanse and beyond!

And how about:

  • get you more compliments on how healthy you look
  • enjoy delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and will become a part of your recipe toolbox
  • allow you to move into spring rested and regenerated
  • enable you to feel clear-headed and able to tackle the hectic everyday schedule

There's enough variation in the protocol to make it work for you.

This is the most nourishing seasonal gift to give yourself.

Who is Andrea

Andrea Nakayama, FNLP, MSN, CNC, CNE, CHHC : Andrea Nakayama is a Functional Nutritionist and owner of Functional Nutrition Alliance. In her private practice she works from the core; to engage the natural resources of the digestive system as a pathway to heal all body systems, eradicate deficiencies, and open the channels to invite nourishment and healing. She invites a full experience of awareness, knowledge, and transformation through her in-depth explanations of your physiology and the impact that food has on your health and inner balance.